Cultist striped naked and forced to walk on the street, Delta state Nigeria(photos/videos)

A cultist was caught in a gas station holding a gun, he was striped naked beaten and was forced to walk the streets of Agbor Delta state.

This event took place late in the afternoon, when a young man came to the petrol station to buy fuel, he was holding a gun which he placed in a polythene bag and this was spotted by an employee in the petrol station.

 the employee quitley left the petrol pump and went to tell the manager of the petrol station, he then called a group of men know as the 'Agbor youths'. When they arrived they held the young man down took his gun and he was beaten until he confessed what he was doing with a gun. The young man said he was about going to kill someone, After hearing this he was striped naked and was forced to walk on the street naked.

We are still awaiting reports on what will happen to the young man.

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