Amazing fact, why you should never take pictures near reflective surface (photos)

You should always check your pictures before you upload them on to the internet. There might be something lurking in the background.

See some akward photos that will totally make you stop mirror selfies.

This might not be the girls fault but tables reflection can cause the biggest wardrobe blunders.

See what she is searching on Google 

This picture isn't a man with a girl body but a reflection of a girl body.

Pretending to be captured by her bae, this woman did not realise that the internet spotted her taking the picture by herself.

The picture wasn't so sexy as her daughter appeared in the background.

Look into the mirror, what do you see

This woman did not realise there was a pink dildo on display.

This woman did not know that her selfie revealed that she was on the toilet.

This photo blunder is similar to the woman on the toilet.


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