Is Rob Kardashain the father of blac chyna baby???

There have been rumors of Rob Kardashain not being the father of blac chyna baby. The rumor came from radar online where he reported somethings about Rob Kardashain not being the father of the baby. Read report below...

  That was fast! just weeks when the                 Kardashain family welcomed pregnant
  Blac chyna into their inner circle, Rob           Kardashain sisters have turned against         her radar online has learned amid claims
  That the only male Kardashain might not      be her baby's daddy.

  As radar reported blac chyna and singer       'pilot Jones' have been running around         Kardashain's back for a months. After           viewing a series of photos that showed the
  28-year-old former stripper and pilot      kissing
   and caressing each other an insider said  "when the baby comes out, it's going to be     brown! The truth will come out eventually
  pilot is the dad."

 Indeed in match when blac chyna and      kardashain's relationship hit a rough        patch, she snuk out of L.A to atlanta to be
 With Jones evidence on radar that shows the two dancing very close at Medusa night club !"

 Rob is obviously going to get a DNA test after all this" a Kardashain insider family said. that was going to happen even before all this drama started.

 A reporter tried to question her but she lashed out on him calling the reporter a 'lier'


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