Trump called daughter a voluptuous piece off ass and he will date her if she weren't his daughter

After coming under fire for misogynistic comments made about women, Donald Trump has more to contend with as it been revealed he called his daughter Ivanka Trump 'a piece of a**, while appearing as a guest on the Howard stern radio show.

Uncovered interviews reveals that Trump has engaged in lewd conversation with the radio host over a 17- year period that focused on his daughter Ivanka, the preference for younger women, his sex life, how he couldn't careless if he satisfy the woman he sleeps with and loosing his virginity to a 'hot little girl' when uhe was 14 year old.

According to a review of the interviews by CNN while being interviewed for a September 2004 show, the billionaire businessman who was 58years old at the time, told stern that his then 22year old daughter was 'beautiful'.

'Can I say this' asked stern.' A piece of a**?'
'Yeah,&' replied Trump

Trump was interviewed by stern in 2006 and in that interview he bragged about his daughter's figure and how beautiful she is. He said if Ivanka weren't his daughter he would have dated her.

Trump was asked a question on Howard Stern show -- will you have sex with a 24 year old. His reply was yes and he was 60 years at that time. He was later asked if he had an age limit. "No I have no age limit- I mean I have age limit I don't want to be like Congress men Foley with, you know, 12_year_olds.... He was also asked some other questions like, How he lost his virginity and his ex-wife accent and more.

He was asked if he had ever done a threesome -- " haven't we all, are we babies" he questioned.


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