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See photo of white baby two black couples gave birth too

Two black couples gave birth to a child with white hair... They said it was a miracle and called him blessed.
See photo...

Tiwa savage, 10 things you should know...

Elle South Africa Magazine Interviews the beautiful songstress tiwa savage.
The Elle magazine editor tidi benbenisti asked tiwa some questions to enable the public to know her better.

1.Elle: favorite designers?
Tiwa savage(TS): Stella McCartney
and Nigeria's Deola Sagoe

2. Elle: Your current mood?
Ts: Happy! Very Happy!

3. Elle: Heels or flats?
TS: flats, yes please

4. Elle: Most attractive quality in a woman?
TS: Humility

5. Elle: Most attractive quality in a man?
Ts: Sensitivity

6. Elle: what was the last thing you did last Night?
TS: (laughing) I went to the bathroom

7. Elle: your dream destination?
TS:Bora Bora. I know it's a long flight but I want to visit...

8. Elle: greatest love of your life?
TS: My son without a doubt.

9. Elle: most overused word right now?
TS: I tend to say 'ummm' I don't think is a word, but I use it all the time.

10. Crystal ball for a year from now, where would you like to be?
Nominated for a Grammy and with a number one hit on the billboard c…