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Cultist striped naked and forced to walk on the street, Delta state Nigeria(photos/videos)

A cultist was caught in a gas station holding a gun, he was striped naked beaten and was forced to walk the streets of Agbor Delta state.

This event took place late in the afternoon, when a young man came to the petrol station to buy fuel, he was holding a gun which he placed in a polythene bag and this was spotted by an employee in the petrol station.

 the employee quitley left the petrol pump and went to tell the manager of the petrol station, he then called a group of men know as the 'Agbor youths'. When they arrived they held the young man down took his gun and he was beaten until he confessed what he was doing with a gun. The young man said he was about going to kill someone, After hearing this he was striped naked and was forced to walk on the street naked.

We are still awaiting reports on what will happen to the young man.

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Ray j calls kanye west a shameless hypocrite for embracing Kim sex tape

Ray j has been telling his crew that kanye is a hypocrite for embracing his wife's sex tape now that it suits his purpose. He also blasted him for daring to write a song about the famous video.

According to reports he said kanye talked about the sex tape in the VMAs and also gave him a shout out, Ray wasn't pleased about it. he also said kanye was two-faced for condemning the tape but now embracing it Just to make money.

Ray is not happy about his cameo in the famous video but he can't do anything about it. He is also pissed that Kim insulted him after he released "I hit it first" but then smiled at the VMA when kanye referred the sex tape that made Kim famous...

Kanye and Ray j have never liked each other because they both dated Kim and kanye blasted him after he released the song  'I HIT IT FIRST' which referred to his affair with Kim.

Nicki minaj sexy photos from the VMA

The Queen diva hit the VMA with a jaw dropping gown...

See couple's Photos from the VMA after party

Beyonce with Jay Z, Alicia keys with Swizz Beats, Kim and kanye west, Cassie with p Diddy and some others... Beautiful couples.