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8 easy steps to get flat belly without exercising

Are you tired of trying to fit your tummy in those jeans, are you unable to wear fitted shirts, do you feel uncomfortable when you go to the beach, hear is your ultimate solution to get rid of that fat tummy.

We consulted some highly trained professionals for some tips that can eliminate fat Belly. We are going to show you some of the steps - watch the video below:

Chrisbrown released for $250,000, jail records show(photos)

Recently police SWAT team raided Chrisbrown LA mansion, following the allegation that a woman was threatened with a gun in that premises.

According to reports, cops raced to chris brown mansion after they got a 911 call from a woman claiming he pulled a gun on her head.

Chrisbrown took to social-media to rant about his innocence but the police didn't care they arrested him and transfered him to Robbery/homicide.

Today Mark Geragos tweeted that Chris Brown has been released and he was not found guilty of the crime he was accused of... He was bailed for $250000.

Some Celebrities supported Chris Brown during his time in prison, people like 50cents who believed he was innocent. See screenshot :