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The prankster who tried to grab Kim Kardashain butt says she faked the Paris Robbery(photos)

The prankster who tried to grab kim Kardashain butt before being shoved by her bodyguard, has claimed she set it up for publicity.

The 27 year old vitalii sediuk wrote three bizarre open notes to her fans on his Instagram today, in which he begged authorities to fully investigate the crime.
He wrote:

     "On her Instagram and Twitter you can
     See her huge diamond ring( days before
     Alledged Robbery) and praises to her              bodyguard Pascal Duvier after I prank
     Kim( who now is in the headlines that
     He filed for bankruptcy recently.

     As if this information was carefully
     Crafted for future Media stories
     Concerning Robbery. The fact that
     she arrived to paris without any
     Children and was alone in her
     Apartment that night".

He also said: the fact that police could not find a DNA of the thieves, the fact that there is no photos , the fact that Kim Kardashain left france immediately after  robbery, the fact that there was no v…