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See what happened to a man after oral sex (photos)

He's lips got swollen after giving a girl oral sex... Shocking... guys take note.

Egypt woman who hasn't left her home in 25years believed to be the fattest woman alive (photos)

An Egyptian woman is said to be the fattest woman on the planet after her weight ballooned to 79 stone. Iman Ahmad Abdulati 36 has not left her home for 25 years because of her weight problem.

She needs help going to the toilet because she can no longer walk there herself.

According to El Arabiya Iman was born weighing a staggering five kilograms. She was diagnosed for elephantiasis .

Her family believed she suffered a stroke at the age of 11 which left her bedridden and piling on weight. After years of desperate attempt to deal with the issue, her sister chaymaa' Amad Abdulati has now gone public with the problem in the hope of getting help.

Iman currently lives in the family home with her sister and mother.