19 year old man sentenced to "abstinence until marriage" for raping a 14 year old girl.

A 19 year old man,Cody Herrera,from Idaho has been sentenced to "abstinence from sex " instead of a jail time after he was convicted for raping a 14 year old girl.
Cody pleaded guilty to statutory rape last week,and judge randy stroker of the fifth district of Idaho decided that instead of sending this young man to prison, he would enforce an archaic state law that forbids pre-martial sex as Cody was 18 when he sexually assaulted the 14 year old girl.
He was sentenced last week to 5-15 years in prison,but the sentence was suspended in favor of a rehabilitation program of sort that serves as a middle ground between probation and prison time.
Judge stroker said "if you're ever on probation with this court, a condition of that will be you will not have a sexual relationship with anyone except who you're married to,if you're married".
" I have never seen that level of activity by a 19 year old",judge stroker said;when he heared Cody had 34 sexual partners.


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