Can a mattress REALLY help you have better sex.

From keeping you cool to the perfect bounce, how your bed could hold the key to your love life.
Certified sex therapist Sari cooper refers to the mattress as our 'sexual home'.She says a number of factors  can impact our sex lives,including bounce,appearance and mattress materials.
We all know that a good mattress will help you sleep soundly,but what about everything else you get up to between the sheets.
These are her points  of what makes a particular mattress conducive to good sex?
1. It is all in the bounce.
Before picking up a mattress, Sari says it is important to have an understanding of exactly how much support your body needs during sex.
The appearance of the mattress matters a lot.There is no quicker way to kill passion than with dirty sheets or an old mattress.
This is also another aspect that matters.Just as an old mattress can be unattractive and unhygienic, one that's of a low quality can wear out quickly and become uncomfortable.


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