The season of love

We all know it and we all have experienced it, now it's finally back again "The season of love". This is the month of love and as we approach the valatines day dreambaze has prepared something for us and this is a peek of what this year is all about.

 There is love in the air and there are so many ways to express it. Dreambaze has given the viewers the opportunity to showcase that love by writing,displaying of your loved one pictures and videos on dreambaze site.

It's Valentine season and its time to spend enough cash, you know what i mean??But is there a way to reduce this cost and excess spending ? Well yes all you need to do is follow the konga link on dreambaze site and buy things at a give away price...Isn't this great...dreambaze has made it easy for you.

To get started send us a picture of your Val and a short text of any kind to this email or send it directly to our WhatsApp account " 08024430697". You can also send a short video of you and your val. Note: it can be a couples photo and video... Show your Val how much he/she means to you..


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