The national pilgrimage centre of Eucharistic adoration and special Marian devotion elele invites YOU!! to her weekly Friday adoration.
It is a powerful encounter with Jesus and Mary
*Stations of the cross
*Marian procession
*Adoration/Laying of Hands
*Blessing of holy water/Excrucion
*Holy mass/candle light procession
PARISH St. John the baptist catholic church port harcourt

In 2014,an expatriate worker was sent to my department for an induction course and I was directed to take the responsibility of training him.
The training was going smoothly and systematically until I left my work for a maternity leave during which my colleagues who were not happy because I was assigned to train the white man played their pranks.So as soon as I went on leave they staged campaigns of calumny on my person.
As soon as I resumed my normal duty,my boss asked me to relinquish all the sensitive responsibilities assigned to my office. It was like a thunder from the blues because I did not commit any offense that should attract such a heavy punishment.when I enquired from my boss why I should be treated disdainfully like that,he scoffed at my enquiry so I left him in tears.As soon as I striped of all my office paraphernalia, I became susceptible to demotion or outright summary dismissal or retrenchment as I had been rendered redundant.
It was at this juncture that I decided that I would be coming here in the NATIONAL PILGRIMAGE CENTRE on Fridays instead of the !monthly pilgrimage I used to be here for prayers.I prayed and fasted each time I came.
In 2015,Jesus the saviour came to my rescue as series of down sizing of workforce was carried out by the management of our Establishment.
In February 2015,the establishment laid off six hundred workers,but I was not affected which was against the expectation of my detractors.Two months later,which was April,another 300 got their retrenchment letters asking them to leave the establishment with Immediate effect.Again I was not affected.In june, the final batch came  out and 100 workers were retrenched.I was not also affected.
To crown it all,the expatriate worker I trained was fired and repatriated with ignomity for taking part in shady business.
My beloved brothers and sisters,the series of retrenchment and dismissal paved the way for my progress as the most affected workers were the ones who were bent on seeing that I was dismissed so that the expatriate could take my position.
In 2016,I was made to head the entire department with all the paraphernalia of my new office attached,courtesy of Jesus the saviour who made it possible.
However, I have fulfilled my pledge.GLORY BE TO JESUS.

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Come and have a life changing encounter with the lord.God bless you as you come.
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-08033554725(Bro chinedu)
-07030515422(information office)

"Whenever I am worshipped and adored in your hand,I will do wonders."

Have a blessed day!!!.


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