What Melania Trump's portrait really says.

Melania Trump First Lady portrait - what her crossed arms REALLY say

MELANIA TRUMPS First Lady portrait has been released this week, but what can her pose reveal about her position of power? Body language expert Darren Stanton reveals all.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, and Darren says this is no different with Melania Trump s First Lady portrait, which shocked fans because Melania, 46, opted to wear an Italian designer rather than choosing an American.
Speaking to Express.co.uk, Darren noted Melanias pictures is quite a change from previous First Lady portraits.
He said: Michelle Obama was dressed in formal black in an obvious political setting. But Melanias background on her portrait is kind of blurred out. It could be in the White House, then again it could be anywhere.
We also must not forget that Melania is an experienced model and is used to being in front of the camera.

The first thing that hits Darren about the portrait is the amount its been touched-up and airbrushed".
Its quite normal for a photographer, taking formal photographs,to correct the odd redeye or blemish to make us look our best, however this seems to have been done to the extreme".
Im not sure just how much influence she should have had over the sitting position or shoot but we can allude so far that the portrait is kind of like her life".
It seems to me that shes the only First Lady who has been located miles away in New York, rather than full time with President Trump, which is like her role".
Melania Trump First Lady portrait: What does her body language reveal?

Shes got one foot in her role and one foot out of her role and responsibilities, signifying shes trying to very much be her own person and not be totally consumed by the Washington machine.
Darren notes from his research that her arms are in an identical position to a previous portrait of Laura Bush - the former First Lady and wife of G.W. Bush.
He said: Perhaps this is someone she has met and has respect and admiration for as a strong woman.
The posture she is adopting would for many body language experts be deemed defensive or a sign of creating a barrier.
Melania Trump is "trying to be her own person", Darren Stanton said
However, this posture, when attributed to women with the palms of their hands placed on their fore arms, and not tucked in, can be construed as more of a power gesture.
She could be asserting her own power saying she is very much her own person.
Research suggests that there are not many body postures and gestures women in power can adopt, but according to Darren this is most certainly one of them.
He said: Its quite a male dominated stance, which is overall saying shes her own person and wants to be taken seriously.

I notice she is also standing square on to the photographer/artist, which is almost as if shes saying bring it on. This again is more of a male dominated power gesture.


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