Baby born with bright white locks sends the internet into meltdow over her surprising resemblance to Game of Thrones character; Daenerys

Baby born with bright white locks sends the internet into meltdow over her surprising resemblance to Game of Thrones character; Daenerys.

Devina Smith, from Mississippi, shocked her family when she was born with a mane of snow-colored hair.

Mother, Jessica Smith, 27, took to net photos of the silvery-haired newborn that have been viewed thousands of time, while some claim they must be photoshopped.

But doctors confirmed that Devina's unusual hair color can be traced down to an inherited condition called partial albinism, which is caused by a lack of pigment in the hair, eyes and skin.
According to previous research, the rare genetic condition affects just five in every 100,000 people in the US and Europe.

Partial albinism is an inherited condition caused by an error in genes that code for melanin production in the body.
Melanin is a pigment that gives color to the eyes, skin and hair.
People of different races have different amounts of melanin, which soaks up harmful UV rays from the sun. People with albinism can't produce melanin, regardless of their race.

Those who have partial and full albinism are characterized by their white hair and pale skin.But people with full albinism are more likely to have red eyes and an increased sensitivity to light.Full albinism is a recessive genetic condition, usually only affecting a baby when both parents carry genes for albinism.
But partial albinism has more complex genetic causes. Scientists believe it may be caused by a flaw (or mutation) in one of a number of genes that are known to affect melanin production.

Even with her condition, Devina Smith, born May 1, is perfectly healthy other than needing regular check-ups on her sight.

Mother-of-three Ms Smith said: 'I never expected her to have hair like that. I didn't know until she was born". 'The doctor told me she had a lot of hair during delivery but it was a shock when I saw her for the first time, she had so much hair, it was crazy". 'I hadn't seen a baby like that before others were blond, but not white. 'I think it makes her extra special.'

Ms Smith said: 'She's so tiny, we haven't taken her out much but when we took her for a hospital visit, a little girl said she looked like a baby doll.

The silvery-haired newborn has drawn comparisons to Game of Thrones star Daenerys.
Pictured is Daenerys, a character in Game of Thrones played by actress Emilia Clarke.

'When we posted her photos online, they were being viewed thousands of times.

'I couldn't believe how much attention the photos was getting. People thought it had been photoshopped.

'My oldest is nine and he was so happy, and couldn't get over her hair either.'

Devina, born on May 1, will need to have regular sight checks because of her partial albinism.


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