After an Ariana concert in the Manchester arena on May 22 a bomb was set off and 22 people were killed and 2 people were injured.
                    The musician returned last night with Miley Cyrus,Katy Perry,Justin Bieber,Coldplay and other guests for the One love benefit show.The show was booked by fans and some camped overnight in advance of the show.The people who stay overnight were later given food and drinks by people.the public transport for taking fans to Old Trafford Cricket Ground was free , some volunteers handed out #welovemcr stickers and posters and T-shirts reading "I love MCR could be seen everywhere.Arriving at the stadium,all was like every normal Ariana Grande show.
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Fans were prinkled in glitter,while others wore sported bunny ears,the trademark Arianator look.Throughout  the crowd,there was an air of palpable giddiness

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