BIGBANG's T.O.P under investigation for marijuana use.

According to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, T.O.P's hair follicle test indicated that he had smoke marijuana. It was revealed that he has used the drug  but it's not yet clear if he was a continuous user. The police has forwarded the case to the public prosecutor's office, accusing TOP of violating illegal drug laws which is illegal in South Korea. TOP wasn't the police tag the police arrested a drug dealer and the drug dealer mentioned TOP's name, he said he sold marijuana to this idol star. When Top was caught by the police he was with a woman in her 20's a K-pop trainee, and when he was caught by the police he denied the charges saying "it's not  marijuana". it is an electronic cigarette but the female admitted to the charges unlike her TOP, she was placed under arrest immediately. Meanwhile G-dragon has also been charged with an account of smoking marijuana.


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