Dammykrane and his accomplice Chukwebuka arrested in Miami, U.S, for grand theft, identity fraud and credit card -Tapjets

A small token of authenticity. He uses Samsung Galaxy 7. And message didn't come from that phone. However, that same phone was used to place the online order with credit card that does not belong to him(Dammykrane). Same phone was used to register multiple accounts trying to buy with different cards until one finally worked. However, name didn't match to zip code. Chukwebuka purchase flight on another phone with yet another card with a total of 5 cards in an hour. There is a poof of them taking a car from Miami area to Opalacka airport where they were arrested. Defence attorney,Deborah prager has been appointed to represent Dammykrane facing 9-count-charge of fraud and grand theft.


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