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How to Use Bronzer for the Perfect Summer Glow.

It's time to bring on that Summer shine!
In one more week, it will officially be summer. Finally! Day parties (a.k.a. "darties"), outdoor picnics , summer romance (a.k.a. "summance")—life is good. Even though you may be oozing happiness in warm weather, you might be missing one thing: makeup to match your radiant smile.
You need a beauty look that allows the sun to bring out your best features. Bronzer is key. It gives your face more definition, while adding a little glitz to your cheekbones. It's subtle, and yet so impactful.

Ready for your summer glow? Follow the steps below!

Step 1

Hydrate your skin and eyes before putting on any makeup. Plus, you want to make sure your skin is protected from damaging UV rays.

Step 2

Apply foundation and concealer, per your normal routine.

Step 3

For a summer-inspired look, peach, orange, gold and yellow are the perfect eyeshadow hues.

Step 4

Your bronzer should be at least two shades darker than your skin complexion. 

Step 5

Using a foundation or bronzer brush, apply to the corners of your forehead.

Step 6

You're essentially applying bronzers in the shape of a "3." Making a kissy face will make it easier to apply the product under your cheekbones.

Step 7

Applying a little bronzer to the jawbone will give your face more definition.

Step 8

For a long-lasting radiance, finish the look with a makeup setting spray.

Step 9

You're glowing! 
Summer, here we come!


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