Nigerian man gets life in prison for shotgun murder of a lady he was owing $1k

Ezeoma Chigozie Obioha had his eyes on Carrie Melvin, 30yrs old, who has worked on social media  for his business. She wasn't interested, prosecutor said, and eventually notified state officials that he owed her more than $1,000 for work she had done to promote his company. She was fired a shotgun blast at her face as she walked with her boyfriend to a Thai restaurant in Hollywood. A shotgun on the beach and a bounced check are key clues to the murder, prosecutor says. He is charged with first degree murder, sat showing no emotion. He committed murder for financial gain. In phone calls from jail, Obioha gave his family different explanation about what happened to his gun. He said it has been stolen at first, then that Melvin's boyfriend had taken it to set him up, lastly he said it had been planted by an ocean photographer who wanted his Instagram and Facebook accounts featured on the news, the prosecutor said in court, the victim's father said that after sitting through the trial and hearing the evidence, he's convinced that Obioha was the person who killed his daughter. He urged Obioha to accept the sentence.


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