Safety Truck By Samsung. Intends To Save Your Life

Safety Truck By Samsung. Intends To Save Your Life!

Semi-trailers has got a bad reputation and it's dangerous for the drivers at the back when they try to pass them. Samsung has come up with a solution such that drivers at the back can overcome these obstacles a bit easily.

Samsung got giant LCD panels attached at the back of the semi-trailers which displays the road ahead in time as captured by the front facing camera. This makes the life of the drivers at the back easier and safer.

As stated by the Samsung’s video, one person dies in traffic accident every hour so far as Argentina is concerned. A vehicle like ‘Safety Truck’ is an immediate necessity over there.

The system is seems simple but a bit costly. A small camera placed on the front of the trailer captures the live feed of the road and the same is displayed on the screens at the back. There’s even provision of night-vision feed for night-time driving.

Samsung has already got the prototype truck tested but nothing is going cross the road as of date. According to Samsung, they are working with the local authorities in order to optimize the system for live usage.

“So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people,” they wrote in their official communication.


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