Ekpang Nkukwo is one of the traditional delicacies of Nigeria but is mainly eaten by the Efiks and Ibibio's. It contains various nutrients and is very delicious.                                                                                           INGREDIENTS:
1kg of coco yam or water yam
Fresh pumpkin, spinach, or coco yam leaves
Meat or fish
6 cups of stock
2 cups of hot water
Dried fish (optional)
3/4 cups of cray fish
2 cups of  shrimps
Chili pepper to taste
3 Maggi
Salt to taste
2 medium sized onions 
2 cups of Palm oil
5 cups of shelled periwinkles 


1. Season and boil meat to get out the stock.
2. Cook the shelled periwinkles for about five minutes in salt water and wash well.
3. Pour periwinkle in pot to form a base.
4. Add one cup of Palm oil.
5. Grate the water yam or coco yam and wrap the already grated yam with leaves till it is exhausted.
6. Cook the ekpang nkukwo for about five minutes with two cups of hot water.
7. Add meat,fish or whatever you wish to use.
8. Add crayfish, chili pepper, onions and Maggi.
9. Add the stock and allow to cook for about fifteen minutes on medium heat.
10. Add the shrimps and remaining Palm oil.
11. Stir and keep adding water in small amounts till it is properly cooked.

NOTE: The ingredients above is for five servings.


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