Tips on how to handle stress.

   To handle stress you need to know what causes it. It's easy to say stress is caused by school work, moving, jobs, but what if it's our procrastination and not our everyday activities.
          Everybody has different ways of coping with stress. But the question here is are they healthy?
If not think of healthy ways to cope with stress. Some unhealthy ways we should avoid are smoking, drinking too much, procrastination, taking out stress on others e.t.c.
Learn to say no: know your limits if it concerns school or your job do not overwhelm yourself.
Avoid things that make you anxious.
Learn to express yourself: if there is a problem share it rather than bottling it up.
Remember to exercise and have fun once in a while.
If you can't change the situations or things stressing you out then try to adapt to it.
Learn to be positive no matter the situation.
Music helps a lot in stress management. Listen to music when you are stressed.
Spend quality time with others who understand you.
You must learn to set your priorities straight so that you don't end up stressing yourself.
           And most importantly live a healthy life
           Eat healthy.
           Reduce the use of caffeine and sugar.
           Avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.


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