Game of thrones fans attacks the writers because of the massive plot holes

Games of thrones fans where terribly disappointed because of the massive plot holes in the last released episode. They took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the last released episode. Some said that Jon Snow's sword blinked when he was coming out of the ice cold lake.

Fans of G.O.T where really surprised about this fact and wondered if this was a plot hole or something new in the series.
Some fans completely disagreed to what others said about Jon's sword being alive.
Some said it was just reflections and it's just an artifact so why will it be alive.

Leaving that point some fans complained saying this was the worst episode of game of thrones because of their massive plot holes. Some said "the past seasons where really good and unpredictable but this new season is completely predictable". And they also said anyone who did not even read the book will be able to predict what's going to happen next.

Some fans had their own opinion and they totally supported the works of the writers. Some said -  "even though it has different plot holes, we still love it and really enjoyed the last episode". Some said " this is the best series of all time and still the most watched ".
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