WTF: a mother admitted sleeping with her 15year old son(photos)

A woman recently posted a photo of her and her son and captioned the photo -
 "For those who doesn't know me
   and my 15year old son had a child
  last year together, I had sex with
  him when he was 14 the baby came
  Out fine just to let you all  know I
  have three daughters 13,14,16.

  My son is a great dad and also a
  great boyfriend. This all started
  when I started having feelings
  towards him, so I had a talk one
  on one and told him your mommy
  You loves you more than your mom.
  Mommy likes you the way other girls
  In school does. So he asked does that
  mean we can kiss and hold hands?
  I said yes it does and even sex".

Check out the photo below:


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