President Buhari.

   The president of the republic of  Nigeria who recently returned from his medical vacation in London is expected to be travelling out of the country SOON!!!

The president's return.

His Excellency is expected to travel to the united states for the United Nations General Assembly (U.N.G.A.).

He would be addressing the U.N.G.A. at its 72nd session and this was confirmed by Garba Shehu.
Garba Shehu.
According to the punch, the president is expected to travel on Tuesday, September 19, and has been listed as the seventh speaker on the provincial list.

The president is scheduled to address the UN after the presidents of Brazil, The United States, Guinea, Switzerland, London and Slovakia. The senior special adviser Garba Shehu on social media and publicity confirmed that the president of the republic of Nigeria is expected to embark on this trip.

BUT, the news online has reported that the trip to the US is at the invitation of President Donald Trump and this was also falsified on twitter by President Buhari's personal assistant Laura Onochie.

Well, my country people i think all we can do at this point is to wish him goodluck on this his trip and we hope he doesn't perform that astonishing disappearing act again..... abi no b so!!!
if you dont think so why not leave a comment below!!

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