The American rapper, singer, song writer, actor and dancer Chris Brown. Born in 1989 in Virginia, currently 28 years old recently released a song titled 'Question' on his new album - "Heartbreak on a full moon" and is to be released in October this year.
Trust me this song would make you put on your dancing shoes,it has everything that cozy beat, colorful background and of course Chris brown and his dancers.
Its like what is trending this year is remixing of older songs, making them more dope and interesting, take for example Dj Khaled ft, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller in WILD THOUGHTS..... which got some inspiration from maria maria by Carlos santana.

Carlos Santana
Now chris brown gats us enjoying QUESTION  which got its inspiration from "Turn me on" by Kevin Lyttle. I have to tell you this song is on fire!! and already has over 20  million views on You tube.
Kevin Lyttle
Am I the only one who noticed the dance steps he was slaying,

If you didn't notice then you have to watch this video again because he nailed some serious Nigerian dance steps at that last part of the video. I am telling you this is a must-see.
Check it out in the link below;

I genuinely enjoyed this song, its totally awesome i hope you did like it, let me here your views about this song too.
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