Selena Gomez shares more details on her kidney transplant surgery

The Fetish hit maker explains in details about what she went through during her kidney transplant. The songstress was completely filled with joy because of those family and friends who stood by her during her surgery.

The singer explained more to her fans by telling them what she sent through. She said - am really sorry for not informing you guys about my condition, and not being able to continue with my music at that time. I really happy and grateful to those who supported me through those hard times, am thankful to my family, friends and doctors for the support and above all to my beautiful friend Francia Raisa I can't find a the word to thank you enough for donating your kidney for me, I am incredibly blessed, I love you sis.

The singer was said to have been suffering from Lupus. Lupus is a disease whereby a person immune system attacks it's own healthy tissue instead of viruses and bacteria, causing inflammation.

Selena supported the Lupus reaserch with about $500'000 from her last concert Money.

The lupus reaserch team thanked her for donating some amount of money for the company, improving awareness of the disease and also bringing traffic to their websites.

Selena Gomez posted some pictures of her and her friend after surgery and a picture of belly.

See more pictures below:


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