The Okoye brothers are at each other again

Familial matters should be kept private but that seems not to be the case with the Okoye brothers aka Psquare.
 Paul Okoye of Psquare says some people are jealous of him having a set of twins. 
The musician on his Instagram page said that since he announced the arrival of his babies, some people have been restless and can't sleep. It's not clear who he was targeting with this claim. 
He used hashtags like #jealous #envy #doubledouble and #somethingisfishing in his post. 

Since I welcomed my twins, some people can't sleep, they're jealous — Paul Okoye says His twin brother, Peter for some time now has been addressing himself as 'Mr P' and has been performing alone.
Peter too has not been silent as he has been posting cryptic messages.

He has once again begun to push his individual brand, 'Mr. P' ,he responded to a fan who said the singer only addresses himself as Mr.P when he has issues with his twin brother.
For their sakes we hope they resolve this without turning it into another messy fight.


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