Atiku's son remanded by the court.

Mohammed Atiku Abubarkar.

Aminu Abubakar was remanded in cell of Tinubu Cheif Magistrates' court- He was remanded for contempt. The court ordered the case stood down pending when he would produce the boy.

 For disobeying a court order,Aminu, the son of the former vice president, Atiku Abubarkar,. was on Wednesday remanded in the transit cell of Tinubu Chief Magistrate Court, in Lagos.

He was accused of disobeying an order made by the Chief magistrate Kikelomo Ayeye on Wednesday October 11th over the custody of six year old Amir Abubarkar, who was taking away from the custody of his estranged wife, Fatimo Bolori.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that when the case came up on Wednesday for the discharge of "Emergency,Evacuation/Protection Order" made by the court, the court was informed that the parties were planning to settler out of court.

In response, Bolori's lawyer, Mr Nwabuzor Okoh, denied receiving any notification  from the respondent to settle out of court. Consequently, Chief Magistrate Ayeye cited Atiku for contempt for disobeying court order issued on October 11th. She ordered that the respondent should be remanded in transit cell and that the case be stood down pending when he would produce the boy.

NAN also found out that both Fatimo and Aminu had divorced since 2011.The children were living with their mother,Fatimo with an arrangement that they should be allowed to spend their vacation  with their father. However, when the children were on holidays in 2013, Aminu requested that they should be released to him to travel abroad for a vacation and thereafter, refused to return them to their mother.

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