Davido's Crises: Davido has currently been arrested in connection to the death of friends

Report from Madam Koo's Table

     #BREAKING #DAVIDO has currently
      arrested in connection to the death
      of his three friends Tagbo, Chime and
      Djolu. My TV source at Channel News
     tells me all the three #OBOHKN are the
      wider subject of the Investigation.

     This is a developing story I have to find
      out the arrest location and confirm this
     is not a "come in for questioning"
      detention as he has done that and a
    Form was given to him which witness
    said he took home. Something that should
    be filled at the police station.
     Is this the "FALL" of Davido? I  begged
     him soooo much to talk to me or do a
     presser (press conference) . I heard cops
     Were watching my 5 videos taged to
     them this morning 10/11/17 several calls
     Came to me in the courtroom today and
     my phone was silent. I could not reply
     anyone. Long as the cops start detective
     work. Davido pls!!! speak out about who
     dropped Tagbo dead on arrival at the
     hospital. I am awaiting a statement from
     #Tagbo Umeike Familyad they are also          waiting for the police.


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