Getting older has it's benefits:you're wiser, you dress better, and people stop blaming your generation for all of society's ills. but it certainly has its share of drawbacks, too. Case in point: as a college kid, you woke up fresh as a daisy after a hard night of partying, but as a fun-loving adult, just a bar night with friends is enough to make you feel lousy. What gives?
As the Brown University researchers pointed out,"older and more experienced drinkers may be more practiced at altering their drinking habits to avoid hangovers." Several rounds of cinnamon-whiskey shots may very well make the morning worse for a 40 year old than a 21 year old, but the 40 year old has the sense not to drink them out over time. Meanwhile, other studies have found that hangovers are relatively rare among young people.

So why can't you drink like you did when you were younger? The same reason you can't recover from exercise or injuries the way you did when you were younger: little by little, your body's processes are becoming less efficient.

There are lifestyle reasons, with age comes responsibility, for one thing. In your twenties, you probably had the time to spend Saturday morning sleeping it off, maybe after gorging on pancakes at 2 a.m.
In later decades, weekends aren't so free.You might have family obligations or work functions that force you to set a dreaded morning alarm, even though your head hit the pillow when you were three sheets to the wind.
To avoid the dreaded pounding headache, clammy skin, and waves of nausea after a night out, use age to your advantage. You're wiser than your frat kid counterparts, and you have the self-control to space out your drinks, chug plenty of water, and make sure you're drinking on a full stomach. Then wake up fresh and energized, ready to laugh at all the young folks and their dismal hangovers.

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