Must Read: Study abroad in the most affordable universities you can possibly imagine

Studying abroad has been made easy for everyone, because the international student Agency has arrived with their most affordable universities.

The international student Agency also known as Study abroad visareg  was established by a graduate of the university of Ukraine who studied medicine. The founder of the agency has been in Ukraine for so many years, he has also traveled to so many other countries and has gotten recognition by so many countries.  He started the organization with some universities in Ukraine,Poland, Belarus, and Philippines.

These universities has decided to reduce the cost of schooling abroad for foreign students and make it easier for people all over the country to access the agency.

The Tuition fees is as low as N400, 000 in Nigeria currency and even lower in other countries.

Their website holds more information about schooling abroad and how to Register.

This agency has helped alot of people to travel abroad for a very Affordable price and it is completely recognized by the various countries head.

Their website link is
Just check out the agency and see how easy it will be for you to travel abroad


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