So many people walk around without really knowing who they are or not knowing their purpose in life.
    We need to be careful of what we read,listen to, people we associate with or places we go to because these things influence us either negatively or positively.
In our world today youths care about their status on social media rather than focusing on more important things. We find them flaunting their nakedness, involving in body shaming, drugs, or some even go as far as stealing stuff just to pose for the sake of gaining more followers.
      We need to be focused, we need to have dreams and work towards them. Nothing is impossible with hard work and of course God.
Even if we are Christians,muslims,idol worshippers or whatever religion we all have a God and we should learn to pray to him, tell him our worries he listens.
      I'm also of the younger generation and I understand what we go through, the temptations to be involved in so many activities that are unacceptable just to be noticed. But in the midst of all this we need to identify who we are, we don't need to hide under the canopy of all these atrocities. We all want to enjoy the good things of life we should remember that this comes with consequences but in the end our efforts won't be in vain.
      Don't be who people want to see but who you want to be. Don't live your life to impress others life is too short for that, your insecurities don't define you. Embrace your flaws, some people live to see you fail or wait for you to face your greatest fear or challenges but always remember that there is someone who is there to comfort you GOD.


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