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Surprising attack: Monaco knock Guardiola's mancity out of champions league

Manchester city attacking power gave them a lead in the first half and it should have been enough to see them to the next round in the UEFA champions league, unfortunately it didn't work out like that.

Goals from kylian Mbappe fabinho and Tiemoue bakayoko cancelled out Leroy sane tally to give Monaco a 3-1 win in the second leg. with the score tied 6-6 on aggregate. City was eliminated on the away goal tiebreaker 3-1.

As a result city became the first team in the champions league history to score five goals in their first leg only to be eliminated in the second leg of the knockout tie.

A 5-3 victory in Manchester gave the team an edge in the tie. There will be reapet of that offensive display in manoco however as city was held without shots in the first half in the first half of the match.

The team in the Second half bounced back in the second 45 having numerous chance to break through before sane finally did so in 71st minute to put City in position to go through to the quarter-…

Amber Rose Shares adorable photos with her son

Amber Rose shared this cute photo with her son, Sebastian.