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What Melania Trump's portrait really says.

Melania Trump First Lady portrait - what her crossed arms REALLY say

MELANIA TRUMP’S First Lady portrait has been released this week, but what can her pose reveal about her position of power? Body language expert Darren Stanton reveals all.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, and Darren says this is no different with Melania Trump ’s First Lady portrait, which shocked fans because Melania, 46, opted to wear an Italian designer rather than choosing an American. Speaking to, Darren noted Melania’s pictures is quite a change from previous First Lady portraits. He said: “Michelle Obama was dressed in formal black in an obvious political setting. But Melania’s background on her portrait is kind of blurred out. It could be in the White House, then again it could be anywhere. “We also must not forget that Melania is an experienced model and is used to being in front of the camera.”

The first thing that hits Darren about the portrait is the amount it’s been touched-up …

Few things you need to know abuot the relationship between Selena Gomez and Weeknd.

In early January, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (Born Abel Tesfaye) were first spotted having dinner in L.A., where they were captioned smooching throughout the evening. Since then, the couple has taken their love worldwide, traveling to Italy together and making their romance known on social media. Recently, Gomez joined The Weeknd in Colombia and Brazil, where her new boyfriend is currently touring.

Below is everything you need to know about their relationship so far;

Gomez is really happy.
The pair’s budding relationship is showing no signs of slowing down , according to an insider who shared a look at the duo’s dynamic. “They’re doing great together,” a Gomez source told people. “Abel treats Selena really well and he makes her very happy.”
They make the most out of every trip together.

Before hitting up South America together, Gomez and The Weeknd took a trip to the “Earned It” singer’s hometown of Toronto, Canada . The couple were affectionate  kissing and holding hands and spent their …

The Weeknd is embraced by Selena Gomez in an Instagram pic.

 The Weeknd is embraced by Selena Gomez in a moody Instagram picture.

But sometimes, the picture itself is all you need, as The Weeknd decided on Saturday.
Sharing a rare snap of himself being embraced by girlfriend Selena Gomez , the singer posted the image without comment.

The image comes as it was reported that Selena has been given the seal of approval by the mother and grandmother of The Weeknd (born Abel Tesfaye).