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A new version of king Kong is out and it is breathtaking the trailer has been out for a while now,the movie was acted with the 90s kind of setting, its almost same story line with the previous king Kong which actor Jack black starred in,but some things were changed in the movie in order for there to be more suspence.The previous movie (king kong) is all about some people who sale's to a faraway island that is not popularly known,they get there and the story changes,they got to see different dangerous creatures that has never been seen before.Amongst the whole crew there was only one girl and she was so beautiful,she was in love with a boy who was part of the crew his name was jack but something bad happened she was taken by kong. As for the current kong; skull island which was filmed in 2016,the crew actually went to the lost island with helicopters and they also encountered weird creatures in island/forest
they also encountered Kong,