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New Canadian law bans mandatory high heels at work.

New Canadian Law Bans Mandatory High Heels at Work, talk about putting their best foot forward.

This could be great news for people who need another reason to move to Canada. The province of British Columbia just approved a law banning mandatory high heels in the workplace.
British Columbia’s government announced Friday that it has deemed requirement of high heels unsafe based on the risk of injuries, as well as the damage that comes from prolonged wear.
“This change will let employers know that the most critical part of an employee’s footwear is that it is safe,” Shirley Bond, minister of jobs, tourism and skills training and minister responsible for labour, said in a release. The regulation “ensures that workplace footwear is of a design, construction and material that allows the worker to safely perform their work and ensures that employers cannot require footwear contrary to this standard.”
Under the new regulation, employers must consider specific safety aspects when choosing mand…