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Safety Truck By Samsung. Intends To Save Your Life

Safety Truck By Samsung. Intends To Save Your Life!

Semi-trailers has got a bad reputation and it's dangerous for the drivers at the back when they try to pass them. Samsung has come up with a solution such that drivers at the back can overcome these obstacles a bit easily.

Samsung got giant LCD panels attached at the back of the semi-trailers which displays the road ahead in time as captured by the front facing camera. This makes the life of the drivers at the back easier and safer.

As stated by the Samsung’s video, one person dies in traffic accident every hour so far as Argentina is concerned. A vehicle like ‘Safety Truck’ is an immediate necessity over there.

The system is seems simple but a bit costly. A small camera placed on the front of the trailer captures the live feed of the road and the same is displayed on the screens at the back. There’s even provision of night-vision feed for night-time driving.

Samsung has already got the prototype truck tested but nothing is going…

Bella Hadid caught on camera scratching her ‘BEHIND’!

Bella Hadid caught on camera scratching her ‘BEHIND’!!

Isabella Khair Hadid a.k.a Bella Hadid an American fashion model, wore a see-through crochet co-ord at Cannes Film festival. But what she was doing with her hand, caught the attention of all.

Nigerian teen was arrested for imprisoning his professor in U.S .

Young man was arrested for imprisoning a Dante Fe College professor against her will. 19yrs old Jude Chiedu Akachukwu went to the professor's office without being sent for, closed the door and blocked the door, according to a Santa Fe police Department arrest report. He told the professor that he won't leave  the office until she agreed to let him make up an exam. He grabbed her arm when she said she couldn't. The professor said she was going to call the police as she left to a class to teach, he followed her and began to disrupt the class. He is charged with false imprisonment, battery and disturbing the peace.

Dammykrane and his accomplice Chukwebuka arrested in Miami, U.S, for grand theft, identity fraud and credit card -Tapjets

A small token of authenticity. He uses Samsung Galaxy 7. And message didn't come from that phone. However, that same phone was used to place the online order with credit card that does not belong to him(Dammykrane). Same phone was used to register multiple accounts trying to buy with different cards until one finally worked. However, name didn't match to zip code. Chukwebuka purchase flight on another phone with yet another card with a total of 5 cards in an hour. There is a poof of them taking a car from Miami area to Opalacka airport where they were arrested. Defence attorney,Deborah prager has been appointed to represent Dammykrane facing 9-count-charge of fraud and grand theft.

A Married Mississippi Couple found out they Are Actually Twins After a DNA test At IVF Clinic.

A Married Mississippi Couple found out they Are Actually Twins After a DNA test At IVF Clinic.

A married couple living in Mississippi received the shock of their lives after finding out that they’re actually TWINS!! They got to realise after getting a DNA test at the local clinic.

Below are the details;

Has it ever get to your imagination waking up one beautiful morning and discovering out that you married your twin. Not just that, but you had sex with your twin and wanted to have a baby with them, having that dream to start a family together. That’s exactly what happened to a couple in Jackson, Mississippi. The lady was reportedly having trouble getting pregnant , so she visited a fertility doctor who concluded on giving her and her husband a DNA test.
On seeing the results, the married couple were at a total loss for words. Not only did they get married to their sibling, but marriage between siblings is completely illegal in the southern state.
So therefore, there’s a high chance th…


After an Ariana concert in the Manchester arena on May 22 a bomb was set off and 22 people were killed and 2 people were injured.
                    The musician returned last night with Miley Cyrus,Katy Perry,Justin Bieber,Coldplay and other guests for the One love benefit show.The show was booked by fans and some camped overnight in advance of the show.The people who stay overnight were later given food and drinks by people.the public transport for taking fans to Old Trafford Cricket Ground was free , some volunteers handed out #welovemcr stickers and posters and T-shirts reading "I love MCR could be seen everywhere.Arriving at the stadium,all was like every normal Ariana Grande show.

New Hit Music: swae Lee ft wizkid - unforgettable (Remix)

French Montana’s “Unforgettable” song featuring Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd is an undeniable banger heading into the summer. The Sremm Brothers now give the Afro-beat song a remix, with Wizkid replacing Montana with an auto-tuned verse.That isn’t all,The Diplo-lead Major Lazer collective also give the Jaegen & 1Mind produced track a twist, If you didn’t think French Montana and Swae Lee’s hit couldn’t get any better.
Download music below: click here to download swae Lee ft wizkid unforgettable (remix)