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How to add "share widget" to your blogger

This tutorial is to teach you on how to add share widget to your blogger. First I will like to tell you why you need a share widget on your website, you require a share button for different reasons some are listed below:

• it enables your viewers to share your post with their friends.
• it is an easy way of getting traffic to your blog.
• it enables your content to be viewed.
• it brings real followers to your blog.

The reasons listed above are one of the suitable reasons for getting a share widget for your blogger website, if you have more reasons please drop your comment below this article.
steps in adding share widget to blogger • Visit • Click on any of the button like link to continue to the next step, if you click on Register with Gmail, a page will open showing a box to fill in your Gmail for registration, type in your Gmail and click register. • A page will open showing different Gadgets 

• select the share buttons tool and wait for it to load a new page.
• sel…