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*Come to Jesus and You will Find Rest for your Soul.*
(Homily for July 9, 2017)

Have you tried searching for happiness in vain? Faced with a lot of trials? Is your heart burdened? Are you experiencing pain or loss at this moment? Are you facing some very turbulent times at work, at home or among your colleagues and you feel like giving up completely?

Today’s message is for you.

Hear what Jesus says: “Come. Come to me.” He is giving you a special invitation because he knows what you are going through. He feels your frustration and all he wants is for you to come to him. Yes, Jesus alone is capable of giving you rest for your soul.

Indeed, as St. Augustine would say: “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you, O Lord.” Nowhere else can we find happiness other than in Jesus. So come to Jesus, offload your burdens unto him, empty out your worries before Jesus in prayer.

Take his yoke upon you and carry the burden of Jesus. What is this yoke? St. Paul in today’s second reading says: …

French Montana ft pharrell - Bring them things

French Montana has released a new single titled "Bring them things" featuring one of music legend pharrell Williams. His Album is going to be launched on July 14, and he had to tease his fans by releasing "Bring them things".

The Song has a catchy melody and the flows and will drive you crazy, a lover of real hip hop will totally fall in love with this jam.

Download link below:
Click here to download French Montana ft Pharrell - bring them things