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Blac Chyna is bringing the heat to Rob kardashian đŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„

It's on again!!! blac Chyna has finally developed pride for herself as she put on a new mask for us to see.

Blac Chyna returned all the gifts Rob kardashian bought for her during their relationship as a couple, she had alot to say to him on Good morning America, where she revealed some facts about their relationship.

Blac Chyna brought the heat to Rob showing him that she doesn't want his money, cars, or the fancy things he bought for her. "So harsh" if I may say, of her returning the gifts to Rob's mother (kris kardashian) house.

Blac Chyna who wants to cut her tie with her ex family has returned the diamond ring which is worth $325,000, red Ferrari - $400,000 and Lamborghini - $200,000.

People's comment on this topic was quite
Negative towards Rob and Chyna.
Read below:
An anonymous person said Rob seriously deserves what he is getting right now, another  said "why on earth is Chyna getting all the praise when she is just doing her work. She normally …