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Wizkid unfollows Drake on Instagram 🙊🙊🙈🙈🙉🙉

Has wizkid gone too far or not? Well we all know Wizkid and Davido has a strong beef towards each other but what we did not know is that it will go as far as proving themselves with different means.

Some weeks back wizkid commented on Twitter about Cristiano Ronaldo following Davido. He twitted "The future you see is better than the footballer you don't see".
Davido replied by saying " the footballer that follows you is better than the Drake that never came closer". It seems that the statement made by Davido provoked wizkid, and he took action by unfollowing Drake on Instagram. Though wizkid has been anticipating Drake complete and undivided attention but it never came. After Drake gave him the cold shoulder for two music videos, wizkid became tensed by his actions and Davido managed to make it worst, and this pushed wizkid to unfollow Drake.

As we all know wizkid is a very proud person who doesn't like to be marched on by nobody, he even stated it in his …


The HBO fantasy drama series "Game of thrones" season seven episode one was released yesterday which was the 16th of July 2017 @9pm
This season is said to be the last/finale of this breathtaking fantasy drama series and it only comprises of seven episodes. This season will possibly have its finale in August this year.

The opening scenes show Arya stark using Walder Frey's face to take revenge on her enemies making an awesome statement that "if you leave one wolf alive the sheep's are never safe".

Check out the link below;
Arya stark uses Walder Frey's face

There is a scene of the popular British singer Ed Shereen were he was singing with some other soldiers while arya was passing.

Check out the link below;
Ed Shereen scene

A scene of Euron Greyjoy offering queen Cersei a marriage proposal which she declined.

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Euron Greyjoy's proposal

Sam finds out that there is a mountain of dragon blade in dragon stone and wishes to inform Jo…