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How To Prepare Ewedu stew.

2medium sized onions
500 grams tomatoes 
200 grams tatashe 
100 grams rodo / red scotch bonnets
200 Mls palm oil
Assorted meat
3 1/2 tablespoons of salt
2 stock cubes (4 grams each)
3 tablespoons ground crayfish 
400 grams deboned Titus fish
120 grams fresh Ewedu leaves (rinsed thoroughly )

1. Rinse and chop one onion, tomatoes, tatashe and rodo. Place in a blender with little amount of water and blend smoothly.
2. Chop the second onion, season the beef and add two teaspoons of salt. Place a large pot on medium heat and add Palm oil, chopped onion and fry meat till onion is brown.
3. Add the blended tomato mix and boil then reduce heat to medium and continue to simmer and cook until meat softens add water if the need arises.
4. Add the remaining salt, stock cubes, crayfish and Titus fish, stir and reduce heat to low.
5. In a small pot add water and Ewedu leaves, boil it for two minutes.
6.  Put off the heat and allow it to cool slightly. Pour the Ewedu and liquid in the pot into a blender…

Justine Skye ft jeremih - Back for more

Justine Skye cooked up a new track for her fans titled "back for more " featuring music crooner "jeremih". In March, the self-proclaimed purple unicorn signed with ROC nation, making this the first release on the label.

The 21 year old singer gave a review of her album, saying it is all about what she has experienced and what she is expecting. She said, Most of her songs were focused on her past relationships.

So we all should be expecting more from Skye, and don't forget to tell us how much you love this track.
download link below:

Click here to download Justine skye ft jeremih

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas freezes Isreal contacts Over al-Aqsa.

Mahmoud Abbas has announced that the Palestinian leadership will freeze all from of contacts with Isreal.
Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech on Friday, saying all official contact would be suspended until Isreal removed metal detectors that was installed there last week. The announcement brought up the killing of at most three Palestinians in clashes in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank after Israeli police fired live tear gas and rubber coated bullets to move away the protesters, leaving hundreds more wounded. It was said that three Israelis was also killed in a knife attack at the occupied West Bank settlement of Neve Tsuf.

Tips on how to handle stress.

To handle stress you need to know what causes it. It's easy to say stress is caused by school work, moving, jobs, but what if it's our procrastination and not our everyday activities.
          Everybody has different ways of coping with stress. But the question here is are they healthy?
If not think of healthy ways to cope with stress. Some unhealthy ways we should avoid are smoking, drinking too much, procrastination, taking out stress on others e.t.c.
Learn to say no: know your limits if it concerns school or your job do not overwhelm yourself.
Avoid things that make you anxious.
Learn to express yourself: if there is a problem share it rather than bottling it up.
Remember to exercise and have fun once in a while.
If you can't change the situations or things stressing you out then try to adapt to it.
Learn to be positive no matter the situation.
Music helps a lot in stress management. Listen to music when you are stressed.
Spend quality time with others who understa…