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New Song: Uzi ft Dremo - Stamina

The self proclaimed faster rapper in Nigeria returns back to the spotlight with a new track titled "Stamina" featuring DMW's number one rapper Dremo.

This break through track was produced by IRock, Download and share to your friends.
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Download link below:
Click here to download Uzi ft Dremo - stamina

Tips on how to prevent acne.

There's the struggle of having a perfectly smooth face. Some people go as far as using different products on one face without knowing the side effects. Prevention is 100% better than cure so I thought of some tips to prevent acne.       * Keep your face clean by washing twice a day to remove excess oil, dead skin cells e.t.c
      *Wash your pillow covers, towels and makeup brushes.
      *Use non-comedogenic makeup and skin care products: it is important to use non-comedogenic       products that do not close your pores and prevent them from breathing because bacteria spreads faster     in clogged pores.
      * Exercise: when you exercise you sweat and release toxins which reduces your chances of acne.
      *  Keep your hands away from your face.
      *Do not squeeze a pimple it will cause scarring.
      *  Eat healthy: reduce your intake of carbohydrates, sugar and diary products. Eat more of vegetables and fruits.
Pimples can also be prevented through the use of some n…

Busty Rihanna showcase her new look with Cara Delevingne

It's about time don't you think? Bad girl Riri has finally added weight. She was spotted during the movie premiere in Paris wearing a pink crop top designed with jeweleries and tassels... Read More after the cut

The celeb poses with her CO star, Cara Delevingne in several photoshoot. They were hooked up through out the premiere and they seemed to enjoy each other's company.

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Is Justin bieber dropping his music career to become a Christian again?

Justin bieber blew of his world tour inorder to renew himself as a Christian. He cancelled his tour saying he wants to get in touch with his spiritual side once again.

Before he became famous he was known as a devoted member of Jehovah's witness, and in 2016 he decided to remove his Instagrams account saying it was for the devil.

According to TMZ they researched the reason why he did not continue with the world tour and found out it has nothing to do with the founder of the church "Carl lentz". The founder said he didn't advice bieber not to go ahead with his tour, he adviced him to do what he think's is right, and this was the decision of the celeb. Read more below the ad

Bieber did an unusual thing most of his crew confessed, they where badly hurt by this and also confused why he couldn't continue with his tour. Same with his fans and now everyone is wondering if this will affect his music career.