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How to get #500 Instagram followers daily

Everyone has interest in getting Instagram followers, it could be for personal fame or business purposes. And Today am going to give you some important tips of getting Instagram followers per day.

In this tutorial I am going to point out the essential facts you may already know and then give you the juicy fact towards the end of the article.

Before I begin I will like to tell you something about my Instagram account.
I recently joined Instagram some months back and I was really frustrated, trying to get followers like my competitors but I just did not know how to go about it until I stumbled upon this information, and what is the information? It is really five simple steps you need to take.

Steps you need to take inorder to get 500 followers per day on Instagram

* make sure your Instagram profile picture is something that will attract people it could be a bright picture etc. .

* when posting your always add your hash tags. Please don't add hashtags that doesn't suit the post f…