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WTF: Khloe kardashian just got dumped by her soon to be baby daddy

"It's pretty surprising" if I may say, Khloe kardashian soon to be a mother, like I taught they said she couldn't get pregnant,, who really knows what's going on with the kardashians???

The 33, yr old soon to be a mama has just got blown off by her man, Tristan Thompson. Sources stated

     "Khloe has been trying to luck
       Tristan down, angling to move
       In together and get pregnant"
The insider said....

The reality celeb is three months pregnant and due to Khloe k, Tristan was her soul mate.. Sources says

    "While Tristan focus on his
      Career and remains single
      He will take responsibility
      Of the unborn child, because
      That's the right thing to do.
       He stated clearly that he will
       Maintain his friendship with
       The reality star for the baby
       Sake and that's it".