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WTF: See hairy face Nails trend

Well I think we know what this year was made of in the fashion department, Bad Nails and horrible Brow's.

The first nails trend was the Pu**y Nails which actually broke the Internet... Now it's the hairy nails fashion... My question is - who tha F**k is making all this Nails?

Dreambaze Presents Bryan Oghene the Fashion Blogger/ consultant

My Name is Bryan Oghene, and I hail from Delta State, I am a fashion blogger, a consultant and a part time Model. My love for fashion can be traced back to when I was in secondary school...
Back then i always had the dream of becoming someone iconic in a way, what I mean is I always had a thing for fashion. My fashion sense was one of a kind which made a lot of people admire  me, i was always praised because of my stylish movement and no matter how simple I dressed I always stand out amongst others.

You can check out my latest trends on Instagram @BryanOghene Facebook @Bryan Oghene

Caption: Bryan Oghene says my appearance is my business card, looking good is my business, black and exquisite always dapper do not dress to impress dress to impact... Word!!!

See photo below...

Exposed: Madonna university owner Father Edeh accused of chaining workers because they demanded their salaries

Madonna university head, Father Edeh was recently accused by one of his workers on Facebook... Father Edeh who is a catholic priest and owner of various Educational structures has been accused on many occasions for different reasons in which most of them are true.

The provoked worker stated on Facebook of how he was treated for asking for his salary, read below:

     "Look at what father Edeh did
       to us in Elele after working for
      him. Wicked priest you will never
       go unpunished, because we ask
      U to pay us for the work we have
      done for you that's the only we
      Committed you ordered ur security
      to lock us up for three days now,
      What a wicked man priest".

The priest hasn't said anything yet about this accusation.