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Davido's Crisis 3: Davido releases proof of his innocence

The Afro pop singer, Davido has been in the hot seat for the sudden death of his three friends, but the main death that actually threatened him was Tagbo's death which made everybody suspicious of Davido's actions.

The "If" hit maker was allegedly Accused to have been arrested by the police, but it seems he was never in police custody.
 He released some videos about 50 mins ago trying to prove his innocence. The CCTV captured some important footage of what happened that night... Davido's words to the police where undoubtedly correct.

Amber Rose and 21 Savage plays with son

After the drama from the fans being against 21savage appearance in Amber Rose slut walk, the celebs didn't seem to care much about it as they continue with their daily activities... See how cute they all look 21 Savage and is diva mama Amber Rose playing with his child.

Davido's Crises: Davido has currently been arrested in connection to the death of friends

Report from Madam Koo's Table

     #BREAKING #DAVIDO has currently
      arrested in connection to the death
      of his three friends Tagbo, Chime and
      Djolu. My TV source at Channel News
     tells me all the three #OBOHKN are the
      wider subject of the Investigation.

     This is a developing story I have to find
      out the arrest location and confirm this
     is not a "come in for questioning"
      detention as he has done that and a
    Form was given to him which witness
    said he took home. Something that should
    be filled at the police station.

     Is this the "FALL" of Davido? I  begged
     him soooo much to talk to me or do a
     presser (press conference) . I heard cops
     Were watching my 5 videos taged to
     them this morning 10/11/17 several calls
     Came to me in the courtroom today and
     my phone was silent. I could not reply
     anyone. Long as the cops start detective
     work. Davido pls!!! speak out about …

Davido's Crisis: Car used in dumping Tagbo's body has been found in Davido's home

Davido trying to save himself lied to the police about his friend, Tagbo Umeike death and how he got to the hospital.

The investigation of the deceased has proved that the musician lied about what happened in the Shisha Bar.

Acting police commissioner Imohimi Edgal, Wednesday, told reporters that close circuit television (CCTV) footages from the hospital proved that Umeike was brought in dead by David's escort driver, Tunde Usutu and his friends (Davido's friends) Agbeje olaoye and Idris Busari.

He said the men dumped the body in his ash Toyota Camry LSD378EL on the instructions of Davido.

According to Edgal, Davido, his friends where being questioned by the Divisional police Officer (DPO) Lion Building.

He said:“On October 3, at about 9:20am, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of General Hospital Lagos, Oparanti Moshood, alerted the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Lion Building that an unidentified male was brought in dead (BID) in an Ash Toyota Camry Saloon car marked LSD378EL by t…