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OPERATION PYTHON DANCE: Igbos march to commend President Buhari at the Villa.

Some Nigerians of Igbo extraction on Thursday, October 19th, marched to the presidential Villa to commend President Muhammadu Buhari on the just concluded Nigeria military"s Operation Python Dance II. 

The protesters in their scores convened at the Unity Fountain in Abuja before heading to the presidential Villa. The protesters under the aegis Igbo People of Nigeria (IPON) said they appreciate President Buhari and the Nigerian army for the successful completion of the Operation Python Dance in the southeast region.

The IPON said the exercise by the Nigerian army has helped to maintain peace and unity in the southeast region.The protesters led by IPON's national coordinator, Uche Chegwo, said the Igbo people will forever be grateful to President Buhari and the Nigerian army.
 Chegwo said: "Like other patriotic persons from the other ethnic groups, members of IPON have strong faith in the unity of Nigeria and a strong belief that we are stronger together and that we stand to …


Getting older has it's benefits:you're wiser, you dress better, and people stop blaming your generation for all of society's ills. but it certainly has its share of drawbacks, too. Case in point: as a college kid, you woke up fresh as a daisy after a hard night of partying, but as a fun-loving adult, just a bar night with friends is enough to make you feel lousy. What gives? As the Brown University researchers pointed out,"older and more experienced drinkers may be more practiced at altering their drinking habits to avoid hangovers." Several rounds of cinnamon-whiskey shots may very well make the morning worse for a 40 year old than a 21 year old, but the 40 year old has the sense not to drink them out over time. Meanwhile, other studies have found that hangovers are relatively rare among young people.
So why can't you drink like you did when you were younger? The same reason you can't recover from exercise or injuries the way you did when you were younger:…